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Databell is a platform that allows founders connect with thousands of investors over the submission of periodic standardized operating metrics updates. Think of it as a mini stock exchange where you report updates to your investor audience and they send feedback in return.
Databell eliminates the complexity of fundraising for you. Raising money has been for too long an offline, qualitative process. We think it's about time to make the process digital... ultimately, most of us are building tech anyway, right?

Now, let us list some of the benefits for you:

First, we help you connect with thousands of investors with no effort: you can explore our "Investor Directory" or even opt-in to join all active clubs in Databell. Just one click-away, forget cold-emails, LinkedIn stalking or chasing investors at conferences if you don't enjoy that.

Second, Databell helps you keep your investor audience updated. This can be prospective or existing investors you want to keep updated through standardized reporting. The good news is that Databell allows them to share feedback with you. We know how valuable this can be at times, so you can collect in a way that is not time consuming to you and processed at scale.

And lastly, the Databell community is on a mission to help each other build better businesses. It's always a lonely journey for all of us every time we start a business. Questions like if you are growing fast enough, spending too much of marketing compared to your revenue, is my team big or small... Databell generates tailored benchmarks and guidance report to help you build a better business.
We'll be very straight here. Your data, yes "YOUR DATA", belongs to you. We are not a database service and will not make any profit out of distribution of your data.

This is a foundational pillar of Databell as stated in our Terms of Service. We will read your data only to generate aggregated reports, benchmarks and the development of predictive applications for you. Similarly, once you decide to join investor clubs, Databell will provide investors benchmarks and predictive applications to make a better job as invetors.

You can stop sharing data with a club, or all clubs, at any time. You are in control of who sees your data all the time, at any time.
We know. Short answer is that standardization of the report, facilitates your discoverability and understanding.

We have chosen the best common set of metrics that apply to the majority of businesses. Investors evaluate thousands of startups every month and ultimately compare one opportunity to another. Although each of us is special on our mission and have a different North Star KPI, we believe that we'll help investors do a better job spotting us through standardized reporting they can easily analyze.

Just imagine a public equities investor, deciding to invest either on Tesla or Amazon, comparing amount of cars ordered with Prime subscriptions. Both might be KPI for Tesla and Amazon, but we need a common language.